B Express

B Express reduces the time customers are at the bar area, by simply minimising the period it takes to serve drinks, due to the drinks being pre-assembled. 

Research suggests that on average it takes 2 minutes 23 seconds to get served at a bar, whereas B Express cuts this time down to merely seconds. 

B Express tackles the issue of long bar queues in multiple ways, through pre-ordering, pre-paying and most crucially pre-assembling the beverages at busy events such as concerts.

Research has shown that B Express is (on average) 80% more time efficient than normal bar serving times.  

B Express differs from standard bar serving processes as it restricts the product to bottles only. This means that the product will be pre-assembled, sealed and refrigerated within the venue, thus guaranteeing quality of product and a time efficient service.

With B Express the customer has flexibility to collect their fresh, chilled drink at their leisure in mere seconds. The bar staff simply pick up the pre-assembled bottles and flip the lids. The customer walks away.       



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